Arizona Flying Circus 2016


Join Us for an Unforgettable PPG, Ultralight, Sport Pilot, & General Aviation Gathering!

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The 13th Annual Arizona Flying Circus will be happening February 11-14, 2016 at MoTown!
GrumpPart fly-in, part Burning Man, part Wild West, the the Arizona Flying Circus has evolved into a rather unusual flying event like no other. Certainly a large variety of pilots make it out every year with their flying contraptions, but you will also find wild costumes, great food, explosions, enormous fires, fireworks, firearms (yes, there is a shooting range on site), and the infamous bowling ball cannon.

What makes AFC amazing are the contributions of the participants. We ask each person coming to AFC to bring something special to share at the event. Especially anything that fly's, shoots, burns, explodes, or is just plain weird. But participants have also donated artwork, talents, construction, safety, and cleanup. For example, the "Flying Man" sculpture was donated by two talented artists a few years ago.

The AFC is a purely volunteer effort guided by our love and passion of flight and to celebrate our remaining freedoms, meet and reconnect with fellow birds of a feather, and gather at this breathtaking place. All proceeds collected from year to year go right back into making this event even more amazing than the last. We welcome your generous donations in time, talents, and resources to make this amazing event continue.

ShirtThis year we have some special events planned including an award winning catered BBQ feast for the Saturday night banquet, the amazing bowling ball cannon, and a talent show of Western flare including whips and gun swinging, a huge bonfire, fireworks, etc. For the Saturday banquet bring your strangest costume.

You are welcome to camp out on Thursday, Friday and/or Saturday nights. Trailers, RVs, motor coaches and tent camping are welcome and there's plenty of space for everyone. Dry camping only, we have no hookups. But we do have plenty of fresh drinking water from a well on site. Portajons and wash sinks will be available at the event.

For food, we will have an incredible breakfast available on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. For Saturday, lunch and dinner will be incredible food by Up N Smoke BBQ Co. available with event preregistration or for sale during the event. Variety sodas and water will be available for sale during the event.

Once again, Mo Sheldon opens up Motown Airport (5AZ6) to host the Arizona Flying Circus. Located just thirty miles Southwest of Phoenix in beautiful Vekol Valley, MoTown is an amazing haven for flying. You can either fly in or drive in. The property features a huge Paramotor launch area and two hard-packed, smooth, dirt runways. The East-West runway is 2700' long and 65' wide! Surrounded by pristine desert mountains and incredible wildlife, MoTown is ideal for Ultralight, LSA, and GA flying. Come join us for warm winter flying in sunny Arizona!

Motown Airport (5AZ6) is an incredible haven for flying. You can either fly or drive in. We have a huge PPG launch area and a hard packed silky smooth dirt runway 2700' long and 65' wide! Surrounded by pristine desert mountains and incredible wildlife, this 80 acre haven is ideal for Ultralight, LSA, and GA flying. Located just 30 miles to the South East of Phoenix, this site can be difficult to find and drive to. But the rewards of finding and flying here far out weigh the adventure of getting there.

GPS Coordinates:

32 55' 30.00"N
112 15' 34.00"W

Google Map:

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Runway & Aircraft Details:
Motown Airport (5AZ6) is an FAA designated private airfield. There is an EW hard-packed dirt runway 2700' long by 65' wide and a taxiway to park aircraft. The NS runway is usable for only slow aircraft with tundra type tires: there is a section of the NS runway that is washed out and may damage your aircraft if you attempt to cross it. Buckets of sand are available as tie-downs. Park your aircraft in the taxiway on the NW side of the EW runway. Aircraft patterns are to the South or West. Please avoid flying over the NE area as there will be people shooting guns towards the NE hill. Also be aware of the open areas adjacent to the runways where paramotors are launching and landing. We will use 122.9 as the main aircraft frequency. Many of the ultralights will be on FRS channel 5 or 6.


For more info please
call Mo Sheldon at 602-692-7995.

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Driving Directions to Motown:

    Approach from the North (from Phoenix, Maricopa):
  1. Head South on I-10 East towards Tucson.
  2. Take Exit 164 at Hwy 347/Queen Creek Rd., turn right (West).
  3. Go 14.7 miles on Hwy 347/ Queen Creek Rd. which arrives in town of Maricopa.
  4. Turn right (North) on Hwy 238/Smith Enkie Road towards the town of Mobile. Drive 11.5 miles.
  5. After mile marker 33, turn left (South) on 83rd Ave.
    Approach from the South (from Casa Grande, Tucson):
    Note: Do not attempt to come up Vekol Road off I-8 unless you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Although it looks shorter on a map, there are some nasty washes to traverse that may get you very stuck.
  1. Head Northwest on I-10 West towards Phoenix.
  2. Take Exit 194 and turn left (West) at Hwy 287/Florence Blvd. Drive 4.1 miles.
  3. Turn right (North) on Pinal Ave/Hwy 387. Drive 1.0 mile.
  4. Turn left (West) on Cottonwood Ln. After about 2 miles, this road veers to the right and turns into Maricopa-Casa Grande Hwy. Drive about 20 miles.
  5. When the road ends in Maricopa, turn right (North) on John Wayne Parkway/Hwy 347. Drive 1.1 miles.
  6. Turn left (North) on Hwy 238/Smith Enkie Road towards the town of Mobile. Drive 11.5 miles.
  7. After mile marker 33, turn left (South) on 83rd Ave.
    Approach from the West (from Yuma, Gila Bend):
    Note: Do not attempt to come up Vekol Road off I-8 unless you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle. Although it looks shorter on a map, there are some nasty washes to traverse that may get you very stuck.
  1. Head I-8 East.
  2. Take Exit 115 towards Hwy 85/Phoenix/Ajo.
  3. Drive about 3.5 miles onto W. Pima Street/Hwy 85.
  4. Just as you are leaving Gila Bend, turn Right (South) on Hwy 238/Maricopa Road towards Mobile/Maricopa. The road looks very dilapidated when you first get on it. Drive 28.7 miles.
  5. Turn right (South) on 83rd Ave.
  • At this point, you are exactly 11.8 miles driving from Motown.
  • Cross the railroad tracks. Drive straight for about 3.4 miles down 83rd Ave. The road is paved for about 1.4 miles and then becomes a dirt road.
  • Turn right (West) on Schumacher Lane, also a dirt road. Drive 2.0 miles.
  • Stay to the left of the cattle guard and follow the main road turning left (South) which is 99th Ave, also a dirt road. Drive 2.0 miles until you see a one room, old, dilapidated, stone structure of a small rock house on your right.
  • Turn left (south) on 99th Ave which is down the small, thin dirt road. You are now 4.4 miles from the site. This remaining section of thin dirt road is very desolate and remote. You will pass two gates and get close to a mountain on your left (East) during the drive. Leave the gates as you found them (open or closed). Do not stop in the sandy areas, as you may get stuck.
  • The site is a fenced area on your left (East) with a large structure on it. Enter the site from the main gate on the south side and head towards the building. Please park your vehicle in the parking area. The wide dirt stretches are active runways. Please tread lightly and drive only on designated roads.

    Motown Common Sense Rules:

    At Motown you will discover a fun, eccentric, and diverse camaraderie of amazing people partaking in aviation, shooting, pyro fun, large scale art, and other relaxing activities in pristine desert beauty. We have taken great precautions to make Motown a safe place to play and visit, however there are aspects of the environment and activities performed here that could be hazardous to your health or even fatal. Considering the litigious climate we live in, the owners of Motown require all guests (including pilots, spectators, and minors) who choose to visit Motown to agree to and abide by the list below:
    1. All guests (including spectators, pilots, vendors, and minors) who choose to visit Motown must sign the Motown Landowner Liability Release Waiver.
    2. Enter and be at Motown on your own responsibility and assume all risks, known & unknown.
    3. Motown owners are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen items.
    4. Supervise minors and pets at all times. We recommend pets be leashed or secured. Some of the loud noises at Motown can scare pets to the point of running or flying away.
    5. Non-flying vehicles (cars, RV's, motorcycles) allowed only in designated driveway & parking areas. For overflow parking, Safety Volunteers will guide vehicles to parking areas across the runway.
    6. No quads, dirt bikes, or other off-road type vehicles at Motown or the bordering Sonoran Desert National Monument. We have taken great pains to preserve the runways and roads from needless abuse. We cherish the pristine quality of the landscape. Unfortunately, an afternoon of fun on a quad or a dirt bike leaves an open wound on the landscape that can last for years. As pilots, we see this damage from the air and it is an unpleasant sight.
    7. If you bring guns to shoot, practice the utmost safety and respect for the environment. Be respectful of your trajectory and pick up your brass. If there is any shrapnel, fragments, or other waste from this fun, pick it up. Never leave firearms unattended.
    8. Pilots are to remove their gear or move their aircraft off the active flight areas when not in use.
    9. Be respectful of all wildlife and the pristine desert landscape.
    10. Leave Motown cleaner than you found it. Please take out your garbage.
    11. If you are easily offended, Motown is not the place for you. If you do get offended you should immediately leave. If you stay, the offending action(s) will most like get worse.
    12. Have fun!

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